Mar 202015

Here’s another tale to add to the “this market is insane” category: I recently helped a buyer get his offer accepted on his very first home. His offer was one of 18 – yes EIGHTEEN – submitted. You can imagine my happiness when I was able to call him to report that his was the [...]

Mar 132015

This is a bit after-the-fact, as I struggled to figure out how to get this from the “Facebook world” to my blog. (No, I’m not the most technologically savvy gal you’ll meet, but I generally muddle through OK.) So here’s my little “Yay Oakland” clip for the week (well, for last week, actually)… I’m hoping [...]

Mar 122015

I have to apologize for seeming to beat the same drum over and over again. My redundant exhortations to “sell now while the market is hot” are a reflection of the real estate market, itself. I confess that I find it hard to temper my enthusiasm when every season brings a new and surprising peak [...]

Dec 302014

Question: How do you describe a realtor with qualified¬†buyer clients, but no houses for those buyers to buy? Answer: BORED! Bored bored bored. And really frustrated! That’s been pretty much the flavor of the latter part of 2014 for me. I have great buyers. (I love my buyers. I get very attached to them and [...]

Dec 172014

I believe in giving back to the neighborhoods that support my business and allow me to support my family. Thanks for giving me the chance to do so this year, Rockridge neighbors! I sent out postcards to a number of neighbors throughout Rockridge earlier this month, in which I mentioned my intention to donate to [...]